About The Clique



Welcome beautiful, grab yourself a cup of coffee/glass of bubbly (time dependent) and step into our seriously stylish virtual office, a place where women come to network, learn and get inspired.



So, who are The Clique?

We are a network of ambitious go-getting women who are trailblazing our own path to success.
We are creative, passionate and love the idea of freedom and prosperity.
We realise that there is a world outside of the 9-5 and we are determined to create a business that we are head over heels in love with.
We are tomorrow’s influencers, making a big impact on the world and empowering other women to do the same.
We support each other, knowing that the success of others doesn’t dampen our own.
We are The Clique.



Um….this sounds like my kinda Girl Gang. So what kind of things can I expect from hanging out in The Clique?



So glad you asked…


The Clique offers learning resources and inspiration for those who are looking to build a business that they are passionate about and design a lifestyle that is entirely on their terms.
The Clique provides (champagne) bucket loads of advice on things such as:


Growing your business online

Branding & Personal Branding

Digital Marketing & Social Media


Personal Development and Mindset


And….we try to do so in a way that keeps things interesting and in lingo that you can totally resonate with.


Who are we for?



Women looking to escape the 9-5

Creative Business Owners


Bloggers looking to monetize their blog.

Anyone looking to develop themselves personally and attract more success, happiness and wealth into their lives



Are you a coach or aspiring coach?


Alongside founding The Clique, I’m a business & success coach for ambitious women who dream of creating a wildly successful coaching empire, doing the work that they were meant to do, all whilst earning the money they really desire.
I am crazy passionate about the coaching industry because it allows women to get paid for being themselves, making a huge impact on the world whilst providing a huge amount of freedom and wealth.
If you are interested to find out what starting your own coaching empire, find out about my coaching options here.