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5 Signs you’re not killing it in business


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Guest post By Interior Designer Crispin Butterfield

Look at you, you magical creature! You’re a woman in business. Which is awesome, and amazing, and totally incredibly hard at the best of times some days. Do me a favor and take a second to step back and look at where you’ve come from, and all of the hurdles and mountains you’ve climbed to get here… I hope you realize just how kick-ass you truly are.

Here’s a little story about me: I’m an interior designer, with two design companies under my belt. I’m a dreamer, and a champion for women in business and Girl Bosses everywhere. I love bacon and beaches. I grew up in a small-ish city, left at 18, only to return after university and start my first company. I do some of my best brainstorming in the shower (or in yoga, which technically defeats the purpose, but I digress). And I could talk design and biz all day long. All. Day. Long.

Which has led me here to you Lovelies… Do you ever feel like you get knocked off your game now and then? You’re struggling in areas you know deep down have to be easier? Or you’re not showing up in the world as brightly as you know you’re meant to?

Have a look to see if any of these 5 Chicks In Biz Sabotages rings a bell…


1. You’re afraid you’re not good enough

Put your hand up if you’ve ever struggled with the fear of not measuring up in the eyes of your colleagues, or your clients, and especially your competition? “If they only knew I really don’t have my sh!t together; My competition is blowing it out of the water while I’m stressed over here; I’m not good enough”. Listen up, right here right now: no one – and I mean no one – has it all together, or is perfectly perfect. Even that chick driving the luxury car, wearing all the designer clothes… stop measuring yourself against other women, their accomplishments, and their outward appearances, and find ways to honor your own self- worth and amazing value. Fear will keep you from stepping out, and stepping up – and trust me, the world needs you.


2. Your YES is stronger than your NO

Because we’re all cut a little from the same cloth, most women in business tend to be people pleasers. But in return, we can wear ourselves thin, commit to things we aren’t truly passionate about, and allow questionable practices to occur that we typically regret in hindsight. Saying no to people or circumstances that don’t truly serve your best interests isn’t selfish; it’s a sign of mental and emotional maturity. Fact: all chicks at the top have lady balls and use their NO.


3. You aren’t clear about your WHY

If you’re not 1000% clear about why you’re doing what it is you’re doing, you aren’t serving your clients from an aligned and completely authentic platform – leaving lots on the table and likely creating a business focused solely around the wrong motives. When you can fully tap into why you absolutely must do what you’re most passionate about, and how you can genuinely help others by doing it, you’ll be unstoppable.


4. You settle for less than ideal clients

When you take on clients that are less than ideal – and by ideal, I mean clients that don’t fit 95% of your Ideal Client Profile (which you’ve hashed out in detail right, because you’re a dope Boss Chick), three things are bound to happen: 1) you and the service you provide isn’t fully valued, which leads to 2) inevitable breakdowns in the project or transaction, which causes 3) disappointment, dissatisfaction, and even doubt on multiple levels at your expense. Not to mention that bitter taste in your mouth… Just remember, no amount of money will ever make up for conceding your time and talent.


5. You follow all the rules

Rules are great for keeping us in check now and then – but if all you do is follow the rules, the magic will never happen. I left design school (where the goal upon completion is to get hired as a junior at some prestigious firm), and completely had no desire to go and work for someone else. Totally frowned upon in the world of academia, but I feel I turned out OK. Actually more than OK. Had I let my fear of not doing things the ‘right’ way prevent me from following my heart, I hands-down would not be on the journey of living up to my fullest potential. Life’s way too short lovely ladies to settle for anything less than what you desire and what you deserve



Design expec12rt Crispin Butterfield has been dreaming up and creating swoon-worthy, soul hugging spaces and places for the past 13 years via her design firm Urban Theory Interior Design. She’s sassy, smart, and is finally writing a blog about her #SemiCharmedKindOfLife later this spring! www.designchick.ca