November 2, 2016 0 Comments Build Your Empire

BUSSINESS BOOTCAMP: Mindset Shifts That Have Transformed My Business

Hi Ladies,

For this Business Bootcamp, I’m going to be talking about the mindset shifts I made to take my business to where it is today.


It is only looking back and everything that I’ve done along the way that I realise how important the mindset work is in your road to success. Mindset work now forms an integral part of my coaching as it can often be the missing piece of the puzzle. If you aren’t paying attention to mindset work, make sure you start NOW!




At the end of the Business Bootcamp, I mention details of my coaching. My coaching is reserved solely for coaches (both new coaches and more established) as this is where I am best positioned to serve. I offer an initial strategy session for coaches who are just starting out or who are struggling to see the success in their business that they desire. To book a session, please click below.

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To find out about my group program for women wanting to launch a six figure coaching empire, please click here.

NOTE: From time to time, I may have limited availability for entrepreneurs within other industries outside of coaching if it is a business I feel I will be able to assist you and is something that is of interest. Please send an email to with an overview of your business and I will be in touch.