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How to Grow Your Business using YouTube


Video is fast becoming one of THE most powerful ways to grow your business.


In The Clique Academy, this is one of the very many topics we will touch upon with Girlboss and video marketing ninja Trena Little giving us a masterclass on HOW to effectively create KILLER video content for your business.
For now however, here are some of her tips for making the most out of and often overlooked video marketing platform –  Youtube
When it comes to your social media strategy you probably have a plan for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and maybe Pinterest. But there is a major platform you are missing out on, Youtube.

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world with more than 4 billion views a day! It’s a place where you can reach a whole new audience that might not find you on the other social media platforms because Youtube isn’t saturated with businesses yet.


But how exactly can Youtube help your business grow? I have 5 ways Youtube will take your business to the next level.

  1. Google ranks websites higher in search results that have video

Google ranks website higher based on the authority and valuable content a website provide. One of the best ways to build your authority in your niche and create valuable content in the eyes of Google is to create video content. Google actually sees video content being more valuable than text. And videos are now ranking higher than text only websites in search results.
No, you don’t have to have a Youtube channel to post videos to your website. There are an array of other video hosting sites you could use but why wouldn’t you want your video content searchable on the second largest search engine in the world? A potential client might be on Youtube trying to find an answer to their question and your video could pop up with the answer! This wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t host your video content on Youtube.

  1. Video content builds your know, like and trust factor.

People are not going to hand over their hard earned money to just anyone. They need to know their money is going to get them what they were promised. By putting yourself out their on camera people get a chance to get to know. And what’s great about this is, people can get to know you any time of the day! You could be sleeping, on vacation or working on your business. You don’t have to be on calls all day to build your know like and trust factor if you have videos.
People are much more excited and willing to invest in someone they feel they have a connection with. By posting videos on Youtube, potential clients get a chance to see what you are all about. They get to see if you are who you say you are and get a taste of your personality. They start to build a relationship with you through your videos. This helps them to decide if you are the right person for them to work with. This will not only save you time in vetting potential clients but will bring you even more qualified clients to work with and clients who will keep coming back for more!

  1. Video content builds your authority in your niche.

People are more likely to trust someone they can see and build a relationship with. If you are talking about your niche and teaching how to do your speciality on Youtube, people will see you actually know what you are doing. Anyone can research a topic and write about it in a blog, but to really show you know what you’re talking about, talk about it on camera. Be real and show people your vulnerable side because being on camera is opening up yourself to vulnerability. More people will want to work with you knowing you have the skills and courage to share through video.
Video content is also shared more than text and images combined. If you create quality video content, people are going to share it. The more your content gets out there, the more people are going to associate you to what you do. This way when they are looking for a graphic designer or brand strategist or wedding planner, your name is going to immediately pop up in their head.


  1. Build your email list

Yes! You can build your email list through Youtube! It takes a few extra steps but video has a much higher convert rate than anything else! Once someone watches you and they like what you have to share, they will want to get more information from you. It’s very simple. In your video make sure you have a call to action to sign up to your email list. You can put a link to your sign up through a Card’s feature Youtube offers or in the description box of your video. Just simply tell the viewer where they can sign up and what they will get when they sign up!
Again, email’s are a very personal space. People don’t want to give their email address to just anyone. They need to be able to know the person and trust they won’t violate their personal space. They are much more willing to sign up for your email list if they already know, like and trust you!

  1. Your content gets better with age

I really like to think of Youtube as fine wine, your content only gets better with age. If you post to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook your content is out of the feed in about an hour, right? With Youtube your content is there forever, constantly being found in search results. The time you take to create new content won’t be gone in an hour.
Having content on Youtube will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With more than 4 billion views a day on Youtube, your content is sure to be found. Especially with Periscope broadcasts. You put all this time and effort to creating content for Periscope than once the broadcast is finished, what do you do with that great content? By putting it on Youtube you are not only able to repurpose it, but it can be found by people who might not have ever found it before. It finds a brand new life on Youtube to brand new potential clients.
One of the best things I’ve done to grow my business was to write a blog post and create a complimentary video for the blog post. I embed the video in my blog post so readers will know I have a Youtube channel and get to know me better by watching my videos. And those who find me on Youtube know I have a blog and are more likely to head over to my website to see what kinds of content I provide.
If you are thinking about creating video content ,my suggestion to you is start simple. Keep your videos short, less than 3 minutes. Just share your highest valuable content on video. Or start by uploading your Periscope broadcasts to Youtube and start optimizing them. Video content doesn’t have to takes hours and hours to create. It should eventually be a time saver for you in the future once you get comfortable with it.


Trena is going to be giving a Masterclass on video marketing and how to master using video for your business within The Clique Academy.


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