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How to increase your visibility by transforming your mindset.

“Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you…. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same and as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

 Marianne Williamson – A Return To Love.


I love the above quote as it serves as a reminder that we need to be putting ourselves out there with out work, not just for ourselves but to inspire others to do the same. We have to give ourselves permission to not hold back and be visible with the work that we do.
Despite this, many of us struggle putting ourselves out there with our business and being overly visible.
I’ve had numerous clients tell me that they don’t want anyone to know about their new business venture or that they don’t want their face on their website or that they don’t want to be seen networking in Facebook groups as it feels “salesy”

These are all “mindset” issues that revolve around visibility – a fear of playing too big, or being too seen and that people could judge us as a result.
Now one of the things that I focus a lot on within my 1:1 coaching is visibility.

Since my first business was in social media, one of the things that most clients are eager to get stuck into is social media strategy to make yourself more visible. They want to learn the technical elements to visibility.
However, what I’ve found is that with many clients, when we dig a little deeper, there are certain mindset issues that surround visibility that we need to address first
Whilst practical action is so important for getting you and your business visible, it all starts with the mindset work, which can often hold people back.
When I dig a little deeper, I often find that there are many fears & limiting beliefs about being more visible which can prevent people from actually taking the strategic steps. So as much as I can teach my clients about getting visible using all the social media strategies and marketing tactics I’ve used to grow my own business, visibility always starts with the mindset first.

So, what’s a Girlboss going to do about it?




Well, the first step lies in realizing why visibility is so important and why the success of your business crucially depends on you being visible.
This is pretty obvious, without people knowing about you how are people supposed to invest?

In order to have credibility within your business, people also tend to look for that social validation – are other people following you and paying attention to you? The larger your tribe online, the more credible you seem to others who just discover you.
Then there is the fact that with most things, it always is a numbers game.
Whilst many people will be a fan of you, not everyone will invest. In fact, statistically only 1% of your follower base will invest in you, meaning that if want to earn the money you desire, you are going to need to up your visibility.



The next is to address some of the other visibility block people may have.

What are visibility blocks?

These are things that stop us from being able to be more visible within our business, things that hold us back from really putting ourselves and what we have to offer out into the world.
These are often related to fears, self doubt and limiting beliefs that we possess about ourselves, our capabilities, our business idea, selling and what we feel others will think of us.


Get super clear on your big vision – what are the practical actions you need to take to make this a reality.
If you’ve got a BIG VISION (and I’m all about working with women who want BIG things to happen within their business) then the first step is realizing that this requires BIG ACTION.
Below are some of the BIG ACTION steps you will need to take. With each one, I want you to write down your immediate response to taking these steps – it could be fear, nervousness, a feeling of “I could never do that”, of “I’m not good enough to do that” or “what would people think if I did that” or “I’m not ready to do that yet”

What excuses pop into your mind when you think about taking action that is outside of your comfort zone?

What are your “Yeah but’s” that prevent you from taking these actions
Facebook Ads
Consistent blogging
Guest Blogging
Writing for larger publications e.g. Huffington Post
Writing regular emails to people on your list
Attending networking events
Networking in Facebook Groups
Doing Facebook Live
Doing Youtube Videos
Starting a Podcast for your business
Getting interviewed on a podcast for your business
Doing a live webinar.
Guest speaking
Organizing an event/workshop
Doing regular Instagram Stories/Snapchats for your business.
Offering sales/discover calls
When you think of these things, what kind of feelings are triggered?
Which of these make you feel anxious or take your outside of your comfort zone?
What kind of fears come up? What are your immediate thoughts?
Whilst you don’t need to be doing all of these things to be visible in your business, I’d always suggest doing the thing that makes you feel the most uncomfortable.
So for many of you, you may have issues about doing anything that requires video or that has a live element.
My advice would be to overcome your blocks around visibility by starting to pay attention to the things that you’ve perhaps been holding back from doing, the things that make you feel the most uncomfortable.


Set yourself a target to do at least one of the things from the list above that you’ve have been previously putting off from doing.
When you think about doing this, I want you to think about the BIG VISION of your business and tell yourself that this big vision depends solely on you completing this action.
Without taking this action, your business will stay small.
 In your head, I want you to imagine you doing that thing you are scared to do. I want you to imagine yourself being strong and confident doing that thing that will make you visible.


I then want you to iagine the big vision for your business and draw a line between you doing that thing you fear and your big vision, as if the big vision cannot happen without taking that action.

When you think of that BIG VISION, I want you to get excited. When you think of the practical step that you have been putting off, I want you to try and recreate that feeling of excitement so that you become excited to do it knowing that your BIG VISION is the result of you carrying out this practical step.


Other things that you can do:

  • Keep a notebook of things that come up for you through the day that you identify as a limiting belief that could be holding you back.
Pay attention to “secondary gains”
What benefits are you getting from NOT putting yourself out there and being visible?
It feels safe
You feel you wont be judged or criticized
You don’t have to explain your business/what you do to people
You escape the fear of rejection. If you put yourself out there and you have no biters, you will feel rejected. Staying invisible prevents this rejection.


Whenever you come up against these things, you need to be looking to take action to transform your beliefs and change these beliefs at the subconscious level.

So HOW do you change these beliefs?

Well I use a variety of powerful exercise with my clients that help us transform these beliefs that they have. I get them to answer certain questions so we can probe into why they have issues around visibility and to make them feel confident in making themselves more visible moving forwards.


The techniques I use are things that have helped me overcome my own battles with being visible.


Ill let you into a little secret – I used to HATE with a passion video and it has now become one of my most powerful marketing tools within my business.

One of my Facebook Live videos has over 20k views.

The thought of so many people seeing this video not so long ago would have been petrifying yet now, I don’t even bat an eyelid.

This shows that our fears around being visible can totally be transformed but you have to open yourself up to change and actually take action every day to address the mindset limitations that are preventing you from taking big action.
To transform your mindset around visibility you need to be doing mindset work on yourself to make yourself visible or hire someone such as a coach who will help you overcome these hurdles. if you aren’t visible enough with your business, chances are there is a mindset issue behind it that needs to be resolved. its something that will crop up through the entirety of your business, not just at the outset so its important you start putting the strategies in place now to conquer them.

If you are ready to take MASSIVE ACTION in your business so that you can create a life for yourself that exceeds all of your expectations, then lets schedule a time to talk.

I work 1:1 with women who are ready to make huge shifts in their business and the lifestyle.
As a business mentor who has built a six figure coaching empire from the ground up in the space of a year, I know that to get me here has required dramatic changes in my mindset. The practical business steps are only half the story.
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