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How to keep a positive mindset when negativity comes to call.

As hard as we may try to always be positive, there will be times in your life when negativity creeps in. It is inevitable, and something that can serve us well, for when we know what we don’t want, it will help shape the picture of what it is we most desire.
But negativity, especially continuously, is unconstructive to our business goals, and let’s face it, who likes feeling negative?
Outside factors from relationships and general life to stress, imposter syndrome and overwhelm, can cause that negativity to come creeping in. So what can we do to ward off the dreaded pessimism?
  1. Gain Perspective
There is nothing like sudden case of overwhelm to stop you in your business conquering tracks. You have twenty things to do racing through your mind and you can’t see which way to turn first. The most constructive thing to do in this situation is a brain drop. Write down on a piece of paper everything that is whizzing through your head, even if it includes picking up milk from the shop. Once it is all down on paper, then you can get to work creating a plan that will help you see things clearly. No fancy equipment is required, just put several sheets of A4 paper up on your wall and compartmentalise them into;
1-essential and needs action now,
3-needs action,
4- would like to do.
Once you’ve broken down the tasks, it’s easier to gain perspective.
  1. Step away
Even if it is only for half an hour, although, ideally a morning or afternoon would be more beneficial, stepping away from the pressure will help you gain clarity. Switch off social media, refrain from looking at the television, and instead, do something that completely takes you away from the situation. My top recommendation is to meditate. There is nothing that will help change your mindset quicker than spending 15 minutes clearing your mind. If you find meditation difficult, there are many guided meditations available on YouTube. Of course, also beneficial would be hitting the gym, going for a walk, getting a massage, or talking things through with a mentor, business bestie or friend who is detached from the situation. Nutrition during times of stress and negativity is also vitally important. Reaching for that glass of wine or piece of chocolate cake may seem like a good idea at the time (come on, we’re only human), but fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs will have such a positive impact on your mood and mindset.
  1. Visualisation and scripting
Before you return to the task at hand, and that now structured to-do list, spend some time thinking about what it is you ultimately want to achieve from the tasks you need to carry out. Visualising events going the way you want them to, will have a powerful effect on the outcome. It is often a technique used in sports; the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is happening and what you are thinking, and on a law of attraction level, what you think about you bring about. If visualisation is something that you find difficult (but remember, it gets easier with practise) writing out the visualisation, or scripting as it is commonly known, is another effective method to help you gain clarity and persevere with a more positive outlook.
  1. Success box
Sometimes we need a reminder that we’ve got this and we are capable. A fun way to stop the negative niggles, is to reflect on your past success. Create a box or folder, which you’ll enjoy looking at, that contains mementos of past wins and proud moments, both in your career and personal life. Reflect back over the wins, remember the feeling you had when you experienced the event. Feel proud about your success and use it as a catalyst to remind you that your goals are totally within your reach.
Working on a positive mindset is a continuous journey and a fun one, too. There are plenty of books, webinars and workshops that can help you change and strengthen your mindset. But, for those times when negativity creeps in, don’t be hard on yourself. Respect yourself and believe in your capabilities. We all have bad days, be kind to yourself, step back, and remember- you’ve got this!



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